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Introduction to Epidemiology

Content partner
Utrecht University
Course coordinator
Dr. M.S. Verhoef-Jurgens


Introduction to Epidemiology


9 - 20 September 2024

Course co-ordinator

Dr. M.S. (Maud) Verhoef-Jurgens

Course description

This course provides insight in the basic terminology and principles used in epidemiology. The course starts with the history and design of epidemiological research, and the different measures of frequency and association. Also, the principles of bias and confounding are addressed. In the second part of the course, epidemiological fields of research as covered at UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University are presented.

Obligatory book: K.J. Rothman, Epidemiology – An Introduction, Oxford University Press.

Course objectives

At the end of this course, the student

- has insight in the basic terminology and principles used in epidemiology

- has an overview of important historical developments in health sciences in general, and epidemiology in particular

- has insight in the different measures of frequency, association and impact that are commonly used in epidemiological research

- is able to calculate these measures using simple numerical examples

- has insight in the different aspects of epidemiological research (etiologic / diagnostic / prognostic / therapeutic, causal / descriptive)

- has knowledge of the different study designs used in epidemiological research

- is able to read and understand (simple) epidemiological scientific papers and recognize, in these papers, which study design was used

- is able to apply the correct measures of frequency and association belonging with the different epidemiological study designs

- understands the meaning of the terms bias and confounding

- has insight in the different fields of epidemiological research as covered at UMC Utrecht and UtrechtUniversity

Prerequisite knowledge


Course days

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Course format

Lectures, exercises, self study


Students are required to complete the practical exercises (self study), students should attend at least 80% of the classes in the course and pass the (closed book) exam.

Number of participants

Maximum capacity: 60 participants

Course fee

€ 1565,00

Prerequisite for participation is sufficient capacity in terms of teachers and locations.

This course can also be followed online. Look at the website http://elevatehealth.eu/courses for more information and costs.

Maximum participants
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