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Epidemiology of Animal Infectious Diseases

Content partner
Utrecht University
Course coordinator
Dr. E.A.J. Fischer

Epidemiology of Animal Infectious Diseases

 14 - 25 April 2025

Course co-ordinator
Dr. E.A.J. Fischer 
Course description

Infectious diseases are an important cause of disease burden in animals, as well as humans. Infectious animal disease epidemiology is important in both a veterinary.

You will learn techniques and theory of veterinary epidemiology of animal infectious diseases, including mathematical modelling, design and analysis of infectious disease animal transmission experiments, infectious disease risk mapping, risk assessment and disease surveilllance.

Course objectives
- To understand the basic concepts in infectious disease epidemiology. R0, epidemic growth rate, generation time, SIR-model, transmission coefficient and infectious period.
- To be able to analyze infectious disease data
  • Estimation of R0, epidemic growth rate, infectious period from field (sero) prevalence data,
  • transmission experiments,
- To unsterstand the basic concepts of infectious disease risk mapping
- To know how to perform both qualitative and quantitative risk assessments,
- To design an animal health surveillance scheme.

Prerequisite knowledge
Introduction to Epidemiology
Course days 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Course format
Lectures, computer practicals
Bring your own laptop
80% attendance and (Open book) Exam.
Number of participants
Course fee
€ 980,-
Prerequisite for participation is sufficiënt capacity in terms of teachers and locations. 


Maximum participants
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