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Study Design for Veterinary Epidemiological Research

Content partner
Utrecht University
Course coordinator
Dr. E.A.J. Fischer

Study Design for Veterinary Epidemiological Research

 7 - 11 April 2025

Course co-ordinator
E.A.J. Fischer PhD MSc
Course description

In this course you will learn the "state-of-the-art" in veterinary epidemiology. the course will focus on those aspects that are specific for epidemiology in animal health, but these concepts are relevant also in many other situations.

For instance, structured polulations (e.g. individuals grouped by herd, farm or pen) are common in animal health epidemiology, but also not uncommon in human epidemiology (e.g. nursing homes). You will learn to apply epidemiological and statistical methods, specific for structured populations during hands-on computer practical and lectures.

Course objectives
- To know how to analyze epidememiological data sets of structured (animal) 
   populations, which include the application and interpretation of methods to 
   deal with clustered data.
- To be able to distinguish between risk, probabilities and disease causation.
- To be able apply the correct study design to animal health problems.
- To be able to design sampling schemes to estimate incidence and prevalence
   at the right epidemiological unit (e.g. animal, herd, country).
- To be able to determine diagnostic test characteristics for tests with and 
   without gold standard.
Prerequisite knowledge
Introduction to Epidemiology
Modern Methods in Data Analysis
Course days 


Course format
Lectures, computer practicals
Bring your own laptop
(Open book) Exam
Number of participants
Course fee
€ 980,-
Prerequisite for participation is sufficiënt capacity in terms of teachers and locations. 


Maximum participants
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